is a 24 year old Gelding. He keeps himself looking good and is great for 1st time riders.


is a 17 year old Gelding that one of our neighbors found wandering around. No one ever cam to claim him so we picked him up. He is very gentle and loves the attention he gets.

Macinaw (Big Mac)

Is a 20 year old Gelding with a great big heart. He loves attention and gets spoiled by everyone.


Is a 25 year old Pony that has the energy of a 5 year old. He's only 3 ft. tall but acts like a giant. The kids love him cause he's more their size.



Is the cutest little Donkey and acts more like a dog. He can fit under all the fences so he goes where ever he pleases. He always follows the kids around and loves to be hugged. We use him for demonstrations because he's extremely gentle and patient.


Is a 19 year old Pony and lives up to his name. He's always glad to be with the kids and will do anything ask him to. He's very gentle and great with beginners.


is a 19 year old Gelding that was a rescue. He was malnourished and extremely thin when we found him. Now he is one of our most kindest and patient horses that works great with any child.

Beauregard (BoBo)

is a 25 year old Gelding and treats all our kids like they're his grandchildren. He is a big boy and has a gentle heart to match. He's great for kids any age and loves to eat treats.


Is a 9 year old Gelding and is great with the kids. He loves attention and especially loves when the kids sneak him treats.


Is a 18 year old Palomino Gelding that was rescued and actually owned by one of our volunteers. Despite being extremely malnourished, bald, thin, and suffering from abscesses he was back in shape after 6 months and now lives up to his name.


is a 24 year old American Mustang. He acts very young for his age and loves his time with the kids.


Is a 16 year old Gelding. He is a rare color (Blue Roan Paint) and is beautiful. If he isn't chosen to be used for the day he sits at the gate and pouts.


Is a 22 year old Gelding that we rescued. When we first got him he was skin and bones. He made a remarkable recovery and has been grateful with the way he is with the kids.


Is a 18 year old Palomino Mare. She is very gentle and mothering to all the kids. She stood for hours to be brushed and is great for younger kids.

Meet some of our Horses!

"Its really beautiful to see a 1200 lb animal turn to jello in the hands or a caring and loving child"

~Marianne Moskal


Horses are wonderful animals for many things. Some are used for mental and physical therapy and others for teaching responsibility and confidence. Ours are used for quiet comfort. They adore the youths that come out to use them and in return give back love, loyalty, and appreciation. We also take in many horses:

  • Neglected
  • Unwanted
  • Abandoned
  • and some that just need a new home

We teach the youths how to rehabilitate these horses. This is an excellent learning opportunity and gives all a sense of accomplishment, So far our success is 100%. All our horses are regularly checked by veterinarians and blacksmiths. To keep everyone safe adults also handle the horses before they are to be  used by the youths.

Pajamas (PJ)

Is a 16 year old Gelding and has more personality that all our other horses put together. He is very well behaved and loves to be in crowds of kids. He does all our clinics and demonstrations. He's been in parades, Halloween costumes, used as a live poster, and has been in a high school play (The Wizard of Oz). He's comfortable in any setting and will go anywhere or do anything we ask. He's extremely gentle with kids and sometimes I think he can read our minds. He's great with the young and old and seems to understand what individual people need.