Stable Dreams

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      One thing I really instilled in my kids is to always give back to the community. So, along with our 4Hclub, we are always busy doing fundraisers, community service, Christmas caroling at senior homes, adopting families for the holidays, Meals on wheels, Building raised gardens for handicapped and many other things.

      After my house was rebuilt I went back to working on my plans for a camp. A few of the parents got together and thought up a name.. "Stable Dreams". Then a very energetic parent helped me get organized and I became a MI non-profit com. I also received a very wonderful start-up donation and with the generosity of the community I would love to see this camp grow by leaps and bounds. We have helped hundreds of children experience the world of horses and would love to help thousands more. Everyone has a dream and it's up to you to make it come true!

About the Founder

Marianne Moskal

      I am a ### year old single mother of two grown children. I have been a 4H horse and archery instructor for 11 years. During the time I was raising my kids. I had always lent out 2-4 of my own horses to friends and sometimes strangers (that later became friends) so that others could have the same opportunity as mine. I also lent out bows so could shoot archery (which we did as a group once a week).

      After my kids graduated I continued to so these things because I enjoyed watching the kids achieve goals and simply enjoy themselves. But with the economy being what it was (and is) I couldn't afford to keep doing this. So... I decided to start a camp for kids and wrote down all my ideas so I could start a non-profit. It was not long after that I decided to do this that my house burned down and I lost everything except for will, determination and all my wonderful friends! So I began all over again. Even through this I never stopped helping kids.